Monday, July 5, 2010

Jealous colleague turns to Orkut for revenge, arrested

Accused Anand Bilore created a fake profile of his workmate on the social networking site, and sent obscene messages from it to female colleagues in the company

There is nothing called healthy competition at the workplace. Especially if at stake is a coveted ‘best employee’ award, a promotion and the promise of a better life.

Allegedly driven by professional jealousy, an assistant manager with Kotak Life Insurance created a fake Orkut profile of his colleague with the intention of discrediting him. Thane’s Cyber Crime Cell arrested him and his associate on Tuesday after he used the social networking profile to send obscene messages to the female colleagues. The accused, Anand Ishwar Bilore, 21, and his associate, Vishal Changani, 23, an estate agent are from Chembur.

A Cyber Crime Cell officer said, “Bilore was working with the insurance company for the last couple of years while Nirmale joined only recently. Nirmale’s meteoric rise in the organisation obviously did not go down well with Bilore, especially after he won the best employee award and was promoted to the post of assistant manager.”

In order to embarrass his colleague, Bilore allegedly created his fake profile on Orkut from his friend Changani’s computer,” said Chandrakant Joshi, senior police inspector of the Cyber Cell.

“The accused scrapped all his female employees in the organisation and also sent them vulgar messages. When the women cross-checked with Nirmale he clarified his stand and lodged a complaint,” Joshi added.

Nirmale’s father Balasaheb said, “My son was upset when his female colleagues complained to him about the lurid messages. He was doing well at work, which I think upset Bilore as he belonged to a rival clique.”

On investigating, the police discovered that the computer belonged to Changani who was then arrested. Changani then informed the police about Bilore’s involvement.

Both were booked under Information Technology Act and were let off on bail.

“Strict disciplinary action is being taken against the erring individual. We place high emphasis on ethical conduct in personal and professional dealings of employees and misdemeanors of any sort are not tolerated,” said Sugata Dutta, Head of Human Resources, Kotak Life Insurance.

Source: Times of India - Vinay.Dalvi

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