Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Forwarding Emails using Bcc

When you get the urge to FORWARD emails, please do your friends and colleagues a favour by using the Bcc: field instead of the To: or Cc: columns.

Why? Well, did you ever get an email that was forwarded so many times that all you see when you read the message, are lines and lines of email addresses? Now imagine what happens if I am a spammer and I get one of these emails forwarded to me? Not only will I add all those emails to my database of email addresses to send junk email to, I could even probably sell it to other spammers! So, if you DON'T like receiving junk / spam in your inbox, chances are, neither does anyone else you know, so don't list their email addresses on the email you plan to forward.

I am certain you have received many emails that do not seem to have your email address in either the To: or Cc: columns - so how did it end up in your mailbox? This is how, your email address was included in the Bcc: column instead!

By the way, this is mostly how junk email is sent to you - your email address is hidden in the Bcc: field when it was sent. Apparently, to lead you on to think that this email (with usually some money-making idea that's supposed to be a secret..) was mistakenly received by you - yeah right!

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