Friday, July 3, 2009

Three more cyber labs coming up this year

PUNE: Aiming to equip the country’s police force tackle cyber crime better, the software industry apex body NASSCOM is opening three new cyber labs in different parts of the country in the similar lines of those existing in Pune, Mumbai, Thane and Bengaluru.

Till now 9,000 police officers, prosecutors and a limited number of judges have been trained in these labs. This year we want to strengthen the police force further by opening cyber labs in Kolkata, Bhopal and Haryana Police Academy in Karnal,” NASSCOM advisor, cyber security Pratap Reddy told Sakal Times.

Pune cyber lab alone carries out roughly 30 to 40 programmes in a year. Depending upon the response and the success from these labs, a few more could be added in other parts of north and central India.

“Cyber crime has the potential to be one of the major concerns for law enforcers and people alike. Already people have started using it as enabler of crime. Keeping this in mind, we are creating teams of excellence at this stage to help police train and augment their capacity to handle incidents of cyber crime,” Reddy, an IPS officer of DIG rank, currently on deputation to NASSCOM, said.

When asked whether the Indian police force is capable of appreciating complaints pertaining to cyber crime, Reddy said that the effort was on to help related information percolate down to the lowest level.

“Apart from opening the cyber labs, our training teams also went to different states to train people. There has to be a system in place with better infrastructure and training,” he said.On the legal aspects, the amendments made in the Information Technology Act in December last year has strengthened the hands of the police further.

Shashwat Gupta Ray
Sakaal Media Group
Thursday, July 02nd, 2009 AT 12:07 PM

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