Thursday, May 21, 2009

Send fake email via Outlook Express

First of all we need outgoing server for sending prank, anonymous email. Because everyone can't configure own outgoing or SMTP server for sending emails. So we will get outgoing server for each and unique emails. In this example I am going to send email to I will repeat the following steps.

* Open the URL

* Type your targeted email like
* Above URL will return you one are more MX Records like or
* Please note any 1 MX record with you and continue for more steps.
* Load Outlook Express and create email account via Tools -> Account -> Mail ->Add=>Mail.
o Display name: Sender name
o Email address:
o Incoming mail: nopop (It will require for receiving email and we are not going to receive any email so you can type anything here)
o Outgoing mail: type here MX Record which we discovered above like
o Account name: nothing
o Password: not requred
* Click next and finish it.

Now you can send fake, prank or anonymous email via your outlook express. But remember one thing that you can send fake email only to @hotmail address via above settings if you want to send email to other services you must have discover again MX record and change outgoing server.

I hope this information will help you. If you have any question regarding send fake emails then contact me at


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