Thursday, August 28, 2008

Terror e-mails over coffee?

Terrorists no longer need to hack computers to send out threat e-mails. Many coffee shops and eateries provide Internet services, as long as you place an order

A terrorist need not go to either an Internet café or hack into someone else's account to send threat mails! Wi-Fi access is available at the click of a button, sometimes free and often at a nominal fee, at coffee shops and restaurants.

Ironically, no ID proof is required to access Internet at these places, which include outlets such as Nirula's, Café Coffee Day and Barista. In such a situation, the alarm raised by security agencies against Internet cafés and their possible use by terrorists is a complete sham, experts say.

Similarly, going after Kenneth Haywood or Khalsa College in Mumbai is equally absurd because the terrorists could have used any Wi-Fi system.
As MiD DAY found out, one need not be an expert hacker to send out threatening mails. We successfully used three Wi-FI networks to send e-mails from two coffee shops and an Italian restaurant. We were not asked for an ID at any of these places.

No ID required
In Connaught Place, south Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida, the smart set throng cafés pouring over their laptops. "Why have they made it compulsory to give ID proofs at Internet cafés is anybody's guess, when Internet access is available across the country without any user having to disclose his ID," questioned a tech-expert.

At most Wi-Fi enabled places, the Internet protocol address of the joint is sent over e-mails.

"No e-mail can be traced to specific laptops, as they can be easily destroyed. "Why is the Intelligence Bureau or the Mumbai ATS hounding Haywood or Khalsa College networks?

The job could have been done from any place," says a security official.

An Italian eatery in Noida's posh Sector 18 offered absolutely free access.

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