Monday, August 25, 2008

Mumbai-Mujahideen’s terror mail came from Khalsa College

Threat message received about a possible terror attack in the city next week has been traced to the wi-fi network of the south Mumbai college

One more unsecured wi-fi network was hacked in the city to send a terror email when the Indian Mujahideen barged into the wi-fi network of Matunga’s Khalsa college to send an email on Saturday evening, warning the cops of possible terror activity in Mumbai in the coming week.

Four staffers and students of the Khalsa college’s computer wing are being questioned by the ATS. While, more people are likely to be interrogated when the college opens on Monday.

ATS has also confiscated the computer hardware pertaining to the wi-fi network through which the mail was sent.

The fresh hacking took place even though the ATS and other agencies have been warning people to make their wi-fi networks secured.

A terror group had similarly misused the wi-fi network of American national Kenneth Haywood to send an email warning the Ahmedabad blasts. Police have still not succeeded in tracing the sender.

According to the sources in the ATS, some TV channels and newspapers received a mail on Saturday at 7.05 pm, suggesting a terror attack in Mumbai in the coming week. After the ATS was informed about the mail, they traced the IP address to the Khalsa College’s computer wing.

“The IP address of the mail was traced to a place in the vicinity of Khalsa college. The computer wing of this college has a wi-fi network which is not protected. Even when a ATS team visited the college on Sunday, it could easily access the wi-fi network,” ATS DIG Parambir Singh told Mumbai Mirror.

According to the sources, the mail, apparently sent by the Indian Mujahideen was a cause of concern since it had pictures of the two four-wheelers used in Ahmedabad blasts.

These pictures were taken before the blasts, confirming its genuineness. “This is a typical modus operandi of terror groups. One such group has mailed pictures of bicycles which were blown in Jaipur blasts”, a senior intelligence official said.

According to college authorities, one computer was on when the mail was found sent and five students were working in the computer lab. The ATS has questioned all the students, sources said. ATS has also seized the router used for the wi-fi network of the college and has sent it for forensic examination.

The mail, sent on Saturday, seeks to clarify that Abu Bashir, the key suspect in Ahmedabad blasts, was innocent.

It also expresses sympathy with Kenneth Haywood for the trouble he underwent through during the ATS investigation.


The Maharashtra ATS and intelligence agencies have swung into action after the terror mail by Indian Mujahideen was received on Saturday. It named a senior IPS official from Mumbai as the future target of terror groups. “Three senior IPS officials, one from Maharashtra and two from Gujarat have been named as the next targets in the mail. We have taken the threat very seriously,” senior state police officials said while refusing to come on record. The official, who heads a responsible position in Mumbai, is named as the target for the first time and his security has since been stepped up.

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