Thursday, August 21, 2008

Difficult to track down hacker

Most modern day apartments in IT cities like Pune are Wi-Fi enabled, so a hacker can easily log onto a wireless network and transfer all pictures and videos to a remote location.

According to international cyber expert Vijay Mukhi, in such a situation the actual hacker can never be tracked down.

Web cameras are available all over as they are as cheap as Rs 1,000-Rs 2000. In Pune, an estimated 60 per cent of laptops have integrated webcams.

"The risk is immense because the device is directly connected to the laptop or computer. Hence, clicking and transmitting still images and video is easy," he said.

A senior NASSCOM official narrated a story, "In the US, a lady noticed that her computer was running slower after she had brought her computer in for repair.

She took the computer to a second repair shop where they found that one of the problems was that her webcam would turn on whenever it detected her around and was taking photos and uploading it directly to a website. The repair technician that installed the software had done this to at least 10 women and taken photos of at least one undressing."

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Gunjan said...

According to Praveen Dalal, the Leading Techno-Legal ICT, Cyber Law, Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics Specialist of India,“The terms like Media Access Control (MAC) address, Service Set Identifier (SSID), etc may be scary for the law enforcement official in India but they must get themselves acquainted with them as soon as possible. This is because hi-tech crimes involving and using integrated circuits and Internet would be the future cyber crimes trend in India. There is inadequate cyber security in India particularly for the wireless networks. This makes “wireless hacking” possible and that is often used for committing cyber crimes and other purposes. Wireless hacking is, generally, a four step process that includes wardriving, victim identification, passwords and encryption keys sniffing and finally hacking. If MAC filtering is in place the offender may go for the MAC address spoofing to trick the authentication process. Even an access point (AP) can be spoofed and a rouge AP may pretend to be a legitimate one by using the same configurations, SSID settings or network name”.

It would be good to go through his wondeful interview at