Friday, July 25, 2008

Social engineering

Social engineering is one of the key mechanisms for making illegal millions.The last five years have seen organized crime spread its tentacles far and wide into cyberspace. There are no international treaties to prevent the prosecution of such criminals, who are based out of one country and commit offenses in another.

Criminals and hackers have come together and social networking sites are easy targets. Security companies have a difficult task ahead of them with big criminal gangs getting into the picture.

Six human behaviors that elicit a positive response





User is given a 'token' and feels compelled to take action.

You buy the wheel of cheese when given a free sample.


Certain behavior patterns are consistent from person to person.

If you ask a question and wait, people will be compelled to fill the pause.

Social Validation

Someone is compelled to do what everyone else is doing.

Stop in the middle of a busy street and look up; people will eventually stop and do the same.


People tend to say yes to those they like, and also to attractive people.

Attractive models are used in advertising.


People tend to listen and heed the advise of those in a position of authority.

Four out of five doctors recommend....


If someone is in low supply, it becomes more "precious" and, therefore, more appealing.

Furbees or Sony Playstation 2.

Source: Gartner Research

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