Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Corporates approach legal firms to fight cyber crime

One man's misery is another man's gain. Cyber crimes by employees within a company are on a rise and legal firms are not complaining.

From stealing the confidential company data and selling it to rivals to defaming the ex-employer by creating blogs and complaint boards, cyber crimes by employees within a company are on a rise. And corporates are now increasingly approaching legal firms to guard themselves against such cyber offences.

“Earlier, about six months ago, there was really no law firm serious about cyber crime. Today, the business has grown exponentially. Surprisingly, over the past 3-6 months many high profile corporates have approached legal firms like mine to solve cyber crime cases. Now, law firms have also woken up to this and realized that it could be a major revenue driver for them,” said Vijay Mukhi, Consultant, DSK Legal.

But the law firm's role is not limited to just construct evidence in on going cases. Corporates are seeking help from legal experts to integrate defense mechanisms within the company's existing system. So, in case of violation, it amounts to direct breach of cyber laws. Law firms are now prompted to hire cyber experts to put such compliance mechanisms.

Experts say that the government's enforcement agencies often do not have the technological expertise to investigate and build evidence in cases of cyber crime. This becomes a deterrent for corporates, who do not want to approach the police. But by employing law firms, they can at least convey to their employees that legal eagles are watching over

2008-06-03 17:49:43 Source : News Bulletins/CNBC-TV18

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